Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Three teams and tractors made the 400 mile journey to attend the Scottish Truck and Tractor Pulling Association's event at Keith on the 6/7th June , It was a long journey but well worth the effort as we were given a very warm welcome and the weather was good . We had some good pulling with the Malpas tractors doing very well- Saturday , Bluebird Express ,1st in superfarm
                                                      Skinny 1st in under 401 prostock
                                                      Country Boys Toy 2nd in over 401 prostock
                                      Sunday,  Bluebird Express 1st in superfarm
                                                    Country Boys Toy 1st in over 401 prostock.
Unfortunately Skinny suffered damage to the turbo on Saturday evening, eventually traced to a peice of the exhaust manifold that had broken off .
We would like to thank the S.T.T.P.A for a great weekends pulling and their hospitality .

Monday, 2 June 2014

The Shrewsbury show pull on Saturday was cancelled after a valiant effort by the track crew to try and make a decent track out of mud in the rain . while every one was disappointed not to be pulling a selection of tractors paraded around the main ring, David Jones provided some entertainment when the discovery towing Just Smokey in the main ring spun out by pushing it round very gently with approximately 4000 hp.

On sunday after a big effort by all involved a good track was prepared and we had a decent days pulling with the results below,

    Shrewsbury Results (Sun)

    Blue Bird Too, FP – 98.45
    Major Mayhem, FP – 94.33
    Bluebird Express, FP – 86.59
    Major Trouble, FP – 84.25
    Tom Boy, FP – 84.11
    Little Harry, FP – 83.63...
    The Beaver, FP – 83.26
    Wil Red Harry Go, FP – 81.39
    Torque 'n Business, FP – 73.81
    The Bandit, FP – 66.06
    Midnight Express, FP – 36.00

    Redline Frenzy, FP – 87.74
    MnG DX Generation, FP – 85.75
    Chain Reaction, FP – 83.20
    Herbie, FP – 82.38
    Petty Cash, FP – 81.38
    Major Expense, FP – 80.99
    Skinny, FP – 78.87
    Major Madness, FP – Disqualified
    JustaFORDable, 87.95

    Country Boys Toy, FP

    Oh Bonny, FP

    Mustang Sally, FP